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We craft sound + vision experiences that'll blow your mind! 


Sound Surround | Whole Home Audio | Sound and Lighting | Remote Control | Projection TV LED/LCD/4K TV | System Installation

Cannon Security and Denon HEOS - a sound investment!



Home Theater and Surround Sound
Create the same heart pounding sounds of a movie theater in your own home. Experience incredible three-dimensional sound for all your entertainment desires… music, television, movies, sports, and video games.You can not only hear but absorb the effects - capturing your complete attention and exciting your emotions just like your favorite movie theater!


In-wall and In-ceiling Speakers
Having a great sound system does not require big bulky speakers.

  • Flush mounted speakers blend in well with your home decor.

  • A solution for flat screen televisions and projector screens.

  • Full 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound quality with out compromise.

  • Architectural speakers are used in family rooms and media rooms.

  • Whole home audio for customized sound throughout your home


Floor standing and Surface Mount Speakers
Sound can be easily directed to your desired listening area. Speakers can be mounted on a wall, sit on a bookshelf, or a stand on the floor.


Audio / Video Receivers
Your new audio/video receiver, capable of handling the latest A/V formats, will drive your home theater experience.


Cannon Security and Sony Bravia - a visual investment!

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