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At Cannon we offer a wide range of network technology solutions for your business. 



ACTi customer service management technology

ACTi people counting technology

Whether it’s wireless, routers, switches, we can help tailor a reliable solution that fits your business’s needs and provides optimized performance.​


Our highly skilled technicians work with you to build a plan to help you achieve your business goals. We can help you manage, build, simplify and secure your network technology. Improve efficiency and enhance productivity while reducing capital expenditures.

We specialize in the following:

  • Rack Rooms

  • Phone Systems

  • Data Center Solutions

  • Networking

  • Video Access

  • IT Center Solutions

  • Recognition Technology

  • Surveillance

Our in-house team has the experience and expertise to design and implement a reliable, flexible data center, server room or wiring closet that will serve your company well for years to come. Whether you’re looking to plan, design and implement a new data center or increase the efficiency of an existing one, Cannon can help. From the latest trends and best practices to determining which infrastructure to put in place, our highly-trained staff will help you navigate the sea of new products and technologies to find the solution that is best for your business.

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